In order to be a fair and balanced website, we are asking our guests who have visited, who live, or who have lived in Boston to share some of their favorite things to do in this great city.  Feel free to add your suggestions on the form below!

G'vanni's is a great North End find and the perfect stop on a long freedom trail walk.  Right around the corner from Paul Revere's House, it's easily overlooked. There is a "cheap eats" deal for $30 that includes 2 dinners and a bottle of wine. This ends at 6pm on weeknights and 5pm on weekendsm so you have to eat early but if you have more walking to do, it's a good break! Don't be offended by the close quarters either...although you may share your space with someone you don't know, their red sauce is the BEST! --Kelly Puetz

"If you are looking for a restaurant with casual seafood and fun, I recommend The Barking Crab. One tip though…you crack the crab open with a rock that they provide at your table. The correct method of using the rock is to flip a paper plate over covering the crab and let er rip with the rock. The incorrect methods (not that I know) are to weakly tap away at the crab with no luck or hit the crab hard without using a plate…sending juices 2 tables over." --Ross Cully

"We highly recommend taking one of the free 90-minute tours of the Freedom Trail, offered by the National Park Service. Their tour guides are full of interesting info about Boston's role in the American Revolution and whether you are a US history nerd or not, you will definitely enjoy this tour!" --Kelli and Dave Sholer

"One of my favorite things to do in Boston was go to L.A. Burdick in Harvard Square.  They have YUMMY hot chocolate / coffee and it's a great little place to either meet with friends or go solo and take a book." --Katie Cromie

"Brett's favorite stop along the freedom trail: USS Constitution "Old Ironsides".  My favorite scenic view is located in the middle of the nation's first public garden cemetery at the top of the tower - Mount Auburn Cemetery.  Best group outing by far - Tour of the Sam Adams Brewery - but make sure to eat a snack before, otherwise the T ride after becomes a little too fun, if you know what I mean." --Erin Arnold

"When you come to Boston you have to have a meal in the North End.  There are dozens of very delicious Italian restaurants, and afterward you can enjoy a pastry from either Mike’s or Modern." --Paul Pierce "The Truth"

"The Public Garden is beautiful in spring. Walk through it, ride on a swan boat, take a picture on the bridge. It’s beautiful." --Jen Russell

"There is a sports museum in the TD Banknorth Garden where the Celtics and Bruins play. It’s pretty awesome if you like sports museums." --Leandro Glisoni

"Parish Café is my favorite restaurant." --Brea

"The MIT Museum is cool and nerdy at the same time." --Nathan

Things to do in Boston