What airport should I fly into?

  • Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) is the most convenient airport to fly into.  At Logan, you can easily get onto the subway (T) and take a bus/train into Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville.  You can also rent a car there.
  • There are two other airports that you can also consider and often have less expensive options for flights.  These airports are T.F. Green Airport (PVD) in Providence, Rhode Island and Manchester Boston Regional Airport (MHT) in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Both airports are about an hour away from Boston and there are options for shuttles, buses, and commuter trains from the airport to the Boston area (often requiring a transfer).  You can rent cars at both airports.
When should I arrive?

  • We plan to have optional activities Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, and of course the wedding on Monday.  To have the most time in Boston we suggest arriving Friday night, but you can come anytime during the weekend.  If you are within driving distance to Boston and are only planning on attending the wedding, you can plan to be at Hope Fellowship Church by 2:00 Monday.
Can I still attend the reception and leave on Monday night?
  • As of right now, there are not a lot of flight options out of Logan to many of the airports we expect guests will use.  However, there are many flights which will return guests to their destination before noon on Tuesday.  As the date gets closer, more options may become available.
Where should I stay?
  • All of the answers to your lodging questions can be found HERE.
Do I need a car?
  • You do not need a car if you plan on staying in Boston, Cambridge, or Somerville at a T accessible hotel.  The events we are planning for the weekend, and most attractions the city has to offer, do not require a car.  The reception on Monday is outside of the city, and we will have buses to transport our guests without cars from the church to the reception site and back into a T accessible location in the city.  If you are staying outside of the city or flying in and out of PVD or MHT, we recommend having the convenience of a car.  There is also the option to rent a ZipCar, which are cars around Boston that you can rent by the hour and have insurance and gas money included.  Before you can rent one you have to become a ZipCar member.
What other things should I plan to do while visiting Boston?Is there a good website to see what is happening in Boston and check the weather?
  • Yes, we check daily to get our local news and weather.
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